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Comprehensive solutions in General Services

Primary Services


Do you want to paint your PH. Building or House? InProlight Home We provide a complete professional painting service, with specialist contractors in different techniques and using the best brands on the market.

of swimming pools

We maintain the good condition of the swimming pools to reduce water consumption, avoiding leaks, repairing joints, defects and injuries to the concrete.

Window Seals

Symptoms of damaged window seals are the number one cause of leaks. The seals (Silicone) not only prevent leaks, but also ensure the stability of the glasses.

Gypsum and Finishes

We specialize in giving the final touch to works, working on gray spaces that require filling or applying gypsum and other products to give the final and perfect finish.

Experts in:


  • Budgets

  • Prices

  • Financing

General services

  • Delivery times

  • repair processes

  • maintenance

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